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School Bus for 2023 School Year



New application forms are needed from new travellers, students that have gone from year 6 to 7 and any other students that may have changed address or schools you can do this if you CLICK HERE 


If you only require a new bus pass please email us at with your child's name that needs a pass issued and this will be with the driver and made avaliable in the first week of school, all students are able to receive a free pass each year after this one is issued any subsequent passes will require a $15.00 replaceent fee.


In line with Translink's regional refresh program all school runs are now named with a Translink ID number please see below for the change.  All Current Bus Passes will be valid and will not need to be replaced until broken or misplaced.







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CavGlass Pty Ltd

242 Pikes Rd

Glasshouse QLD 4518


Tel: 5496 9249

CavGlass Pty Ltd

242 Pikes Rd

Glasshouse Mountains QLD 4518

Tel: 5496 9249

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