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Flood Update 13/05/22


We are currently monitoring the weather situation all buses are scheduled to depart at the usual time.

There have been a few changes to school run 27 due to road closures.


Whilst we will make every effort possible to provide our usual service should the buses get flooded into the depot or out of the areas they usually service they will subsequently need to be cancelled. If there is flooding in your area currently and you are concerned we would recommend you to either Keep your Children at home or pick them up early as we will not run service before there scheduled time and can run late due to detouring.



School Bus for 2022 School Year



New application forms are needed from new travellers, students that have gone from year 6 to 7 and any other students that may have changed address or schools you can do this if you CLICK HERE 


If you only require a new bus pass please email us at with your child's name that needs a pass issued and this will be with the driver and made avaliable in the first week of school, all students are able to receive a free pass each year after this one is issued any subsequent passes will require a $15.00 replaceent fee.




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CavGlass Pty Ltd

242 Pikes Rd

Glasshouse QLD 4518


Tel: 5496 9249

CavGlass Pty Ltd

242 Pikes Rd

Glasshouse Mountains QLD 4518

Tel: 5496 9249

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